Assets Repair and Maintenance Committee

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Chairperson: Paul Bland



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The Coles Crossing Asset Repair and Community Maintenance Committee (ARCMC) is a volunteer committee of Coles Crossing residents.  The committee welcomes any resident in good standing to join this committee.

The ARCMC is charged with keeping in good repair, planning for long-term needs, proposing needed repairs, retrofits, and upgrades, for the Coles Crossing structures, buildings, and facilities within the boundaries of Coles Crossing.  The CCAC inspects and documents current and potential maintenance needs of our various amenities.  This includes finding qualified vendors, providing specifications for work to be performed for board approval, monitoring, and advising the board to approve completed work when done in accordance with approved specifications.

The ARCMC is an advisory committee to the Coles Crossing Board of Directors.
MissionStatement: “To keep attractive through proper maintainance all Coles Crossing structures, buildings, and facilities while reducing overall maintenance and utility cost. “

Stucco Fences
“As part of the Asset Repair and Maintenance Committee and through our resident section leaders working closely with residents that have stucco fences, our group will evaluate, document, and photo document areas in need of repair. As a group we will identify areas of immediate need, document areas needing repairs including minor repairs, gain contractors to bid on this work, and provide these budget numbers to the BOD for long-term budgeting needs. Review works completed by contractors and ultimately advise the BOD to approve completed work.”

Parking Lot Re-striping:
Restriping the parking lots in the Community Center and Swim Center

Security System Modifications:
To propose and specify the replacement of current systems and the installation of additional systems at the Coles Crossing Fitness Center, Tennis Courts, Community Center, and Community Pools video systems for the monitoring of facility structures.

Electrical Modifications Coles Crossing Swim Center:
To propose electrical mods for the installation of appropriate timers for this facility allowing for prudent night time lighting to provide a well lit facility when closed while gaining monetary savings from reduced power consumption.

An Easy Way to Report Street Lights Out
If you see a street light out in Coles Crossing, there’s an easy way to report the problem and get it corrected. Just go online to or call 713-207-2222. CenterPoint Energy is the company responsible for maintaining street lights in the community. Online find “Report a Street Light Outage.” From there, it’s just a matter of filling out a short form. While providing the six-digit street light number (posted on every light) is not required, providing this information will help CenterPoint resolve the problem.